introducing our ministries

ManUp! – the Mens’ Ministry

If you are ready to experience a change and become the man that God has predestined you to be, then join our link group for men for a life-changing hangout as we hear from the hearts of godly men to discover God-given purposes, talents, gifts as well as gain essential tools to enhance our spiritual journeys as men! ManUp!


This Women of Wonder (WoW) group centres on relationships between women where emphasis is placed on developing the intrinsic values that foster attraction; why chase what you can attract? It is strategically designed to touch, empower, include and involve every woman. Why don’t you join us to explore the wonder of a godly woman – it’s WoW!


Agape In The City is an in-the-city hangout for progressive Christians committed to declaring, communicating and demonstrating the purpose, power, precepts of the Kingdom of God in the city of Leeds. AITC comprises mainly of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as single professionals


“Sex is not the most important need in a husbands life…many women naively violate their marriage weekly…you didn’t marry one person, you married at least four…” Suprised? Why don’t you join us for our come-dine-with-me style coupeles hangout to nurture your marriage as we explore Dr Kevin Leman’s book that teaches sexual intimacy as an expression in all areas of life.

Executive Pastor

Natasha Okhuoya

Executive pastor & Co-founder

Pastor Natasha also heads the Cloverleaf Christian Centre Children's ministry